Incoloy Fasteners

UNIFIT METALLOYS INC is a leading Incoloy Fasteners manufacturer, Incoloy Fasteners suppliers and Incoloy Fasteners exporters. Incoloy 800/825 Fasteners is mostly utilized as a part of utilizations with temperatures up to 1100° F, where amalgams 800H and 800HT are ordinarily utilized at temperatures above 1100° F where imperviousness to crawl and burst is required. The substance parity permits the nickel steel combination to show great imperviousness to carburization, oxidation and nitriding airs.

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Incoloy 800/825 Fasteners won’t get to be embrittled even after long stretches of use in the 1200-1600° F range where numerous stainless steels get to be fragile. Unrivaled icy framing properties connected with the nickel-chromium composites are displayed with 800HT. At the point when cool structures widely, the grain size delivers an obviously undulated surface called “orange peel”. Incoloy 800/825 Fasteners can be welded by the normal strategies utilized on stainless steels.

Alloy 20 Elbow Manufacturer in Saudi Arabia, India, Nigeria

Incoloy Fasteners Specification

Standard : ASTM / ASME SB 160 / 164 / 425 / 166 / 446 / 574 / 472
Size : M10 TO M100
Length : UPTO 1 METERS
Grade : Incoloy 800 – UNS N08800, Incoloy 800H / HT – UNS N08810, Incoloy 825 – UNS N08825
Specification : IS, BS, ASTM
Type : Incoloy Bolts, Incoloy nuts, Incoloy Washers, Incoloy Anchor Fasteners, Incoloy Stud Bolts, Incoloy Eye Bolt, Incoloy Stud, Incoloy Threaded Rod, Incoloy Cotter Pin, Incoloy Socket Screw, Incoloy Fine Fasteners & Incoloy Spares, Incoloy Foundation Fasteners, etc.

Incoloy Fasteners Standards

Incoloy 800 1.4876 N08800 NCF 800 Z8NC32-21 NA 15 ЭИ670 X10NiCrAlTi32-20 XH32T
Incoloy 800H 1.4958 / 1.4876 N08810 NCF 800H Z8NC33-21 NA 15(H) ЭИ670 X5NiCrAlTi31-20 XH32T
Incoloy 800HT 1.4859 / 1.4876 N08811 NCF 800HT NA 15(HT) ЭИ670 X8NiCrAlTi32-21 XH32T
Incoloy 825 2.4858 N08825 NCF 825 NFE30C20DUM NA 16 ЭП703 NiCr21Mo XH38BT


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Industrial Nuts: Incoloy Hexagon nuts, Incoloy hexagon coupling nuts, Incoloy hexagon thin nuts, Incoloy square nuts, Incoloy hexagon castle nuts, Incoloy self locking nut, Incoloy hexagon domed cap nuts.

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Industrial Screws: Incoloy Pan Head Slotted Screws, Incoloy Hexagon Head Screws, Incoloy Cheese Head Slotted Screws, Incoloy Countersunk Head Slotted Screws, Incoloy Countersunk Raised Head Slotted Screws, Incoloy Pan Phillipse Head Screws, Incoloy Countersunk Phillipse Raised Head Screws

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